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Welkom in Amsterdam-the historic and breathtakingly beautiful capital of The Netherlands. Once a quiet fishing village on the banks of the Amstel river, Amsterdam rose to power in the 17th century becoming the epicenter of the global economy. It was at this time that the cityscape developed into the Amsterdam we recognize today full of cozy canals and historic architecture.
In addition to enjoying the aesthetic of Amsterdam’s unique cityscape, there is also plenty to do around the city. Amsterdam is home to several famous museums and cultural centers such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank house, and the Rijksmuseum. And of course, the city has a wide range of diverse culinary options-from traditional Dutch delicacies to vegan cafes.
It’s no wonder that today, Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination with approximately 19 million visitors every year.
In the coming months we will help you discover lesser known places around the city to ease the pressure on the most tourified neighborhoods and where you can contribute more to the local economy.

Rules & regulations

Conditions to be a Host in Amsterdam:
Hosts are required to comply with the following rules set by and Amsterdam:

  1. One host-One house
  2. Rental period max. 30 days within a year period
  3. Registration required with the council
  4. Max. 4 people occupancy

In an effort to counteract the negative effects of tourism and maintain a level of liveability for Amsterdam residents, the city has introduced a number of new measures including:

  • 8 euro charge to cruise ship passengers
  • Stricter fines-including higher fines and a requirement that they’re paid on site
  • Removal of the famous “ I AMsterdam” sign

Local node

Local representatives. As Amsterdam is also home to some of our founding members, they will initially act as our local representatives. However, there is an active and ongoing process to build a democratically-managed local node comprising of hosts and community members alike. Additionally, there is an opening in this city for a Key Partner. If you or your organization is interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Contact info:

Local projects


This non-profit organization manages the creation and growth of edible forests with local communities, who take care of them after afterwards.

Bloei en Groei

The goal of G& B association is to empower immigrant women through their work in urban gardens, which they manage and teach others how to take care of.

Listings in Amsterdam

Single room

Chef's lair: Food and Music for you. Double bed.

Single room

Private entrance, room, shower and toilet

Single room

Van OldenBnB - just one block from the Jordaan!

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